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Assorted Portfolio Shots

Sugarbush Resort, Sept 2009 (Liz & Owen):

portfolio collage 01 liz+owen

portfolio collage 02 liz+owen


Deb & Nick’s Wedding at Kingsland Bay State Park in Ferrisburgh, VT

Our close friends Deb & Nick got married at Kingsland Bay State Park in Ferrisburgh, VT last September.  It was a beautiful wedding on a picture perfect day!  Here are some of the photos:






Brewster Wedding at Ocean Edge Resort

Kara and Andy hosted an amazing day for their family and friends at the Ocean Edge Resort and Golf Club in Brewster, MA.  The weather was amazing and the couple looked fabulous!










See the full gallery here.

New England Forest Rally in Sunday River, ME

A bunch of us from work ( ventured over to Sunday River, ME back in July for the New England Forest Rally.  It was a blast to say the least — Talk about a challenging photographic environment.  Check out some selected pics below and then feel free to cruise over to my backend site to see more.  Link at the bottom.

Travis while being interviewed by ESPN:


Ken while being interviewed by ESPN:


Travis just before the start:


One of my favorite shots of Ken oversteering around one of the first turns on the mountain leg:


Unforunately it was getting pretty dark so this shot wasn’t crisp, but still cool nonetheless:


It’s not a Suby, but this was also one of my favorites.  Check out the red hot brake rotors on the front wheels of this Evo in the air:


Here’s a cool effect of a timed exposure with a manual flash at the end to get a ghostly exposure of the car.  If you look closely, you can see my arm extended out holding my speedlight to flash the car:


Some still shots of the cars:





Link to full gallery here

Starry Sky in the NEK

About 18 of us went mountain biking at Kingdom Trails and camping up in the Northeast Kingdom in mid-September.  On Saturday night, a stong high-pressure system brought with it a cold evening and crystal clear skies, filled with bright stars.  I busted out the DSLR, tripod and cable release and experimented with a couple of uber-long exposures of the stars.  This one below turned out to be my favorite.  I also finished up the last few shots of the stars on a roll of film that has been sitting in my old film camera for over a year, so I’m anxious to get those processed too.


We camped at Oregon Brook Road, which is a private campground in Sheffield, VT.  It’s basically a huge open field, with near limitless space for a group of any size.   Here’s what the campsite/field looks like during the day after we packed up:


Unfortunately for my bike, I could stand to lose a few lbs.  I broke the frame on Sunday morning, while riding the downhill trails on Burke Mountain.  We shuttled up in the morning and on the way down, I went over a three foot drop or so and came down on a flat landing.  As soon as I hit, I heard something metal pop and I knew something was wrong when my tire started rubbing against the frame.


Here’s a shot of part of our crew after riding on Sunday, having a couple of beers in the parking lot in East Burke.  Next year, I have to remember to get a group shot of everyone…


Check out Google Voice

I signed up for google voice today.  I was able to get my own Vermont Area Code (802) for business purposes!  Cool.  It can forward to one or many phones AT THE SAME TIME and you can answer from whichever one you want.  Read “speech-to-text” transcriptions of your voice mail messages, transfer calls from your home phone to your cell phone and a ton more cool features!

Welcome to the new site:

<hello>I finally took the plunge and started building out my new website tonight.  As many people know, this has been a long time coming.  Thanks to the inspiration of photography friends, namely Stacey from coldnosephoto, and countless hours and days of research I settled on using wordpress for the backend and NetRivet’s prophotoblog themebuilder for the ultimate control.  In a matter of only a few hours, I had the software installed on my hosting server and started building out the design, layout, and some of the content.  This stuff is really cool and I’ve only just scratched the surface of what can be done.  For now, I’ve only had time to put together the general look and feel, a pricing page and contact page.

Next up will be the portfolios.  Until then, the portfolio link will take you to my wedding and general portfolio galleries from my smugmug account, which is now due for an overhaul to be consistent with my new website design and layout.  For those familar with my smugmug based site, it will still be hosted at and serve as the location for the bulk of my photo galleries.  I’ve added links in the main navigation menu for my facebook page and smugmug site too.  Check back soon for progress!</goodbye>